A Walk With My Son

Mirasol shares her experiences re-connecting with her son after so long.

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A Walk With My Son.
Posted on October 17, 2010 by mirasol
I went back to Philippines last September 2008 and I will never forget this one day. I was in the house with my family making special Ube, Taro in english for our Merienda, a word from spanish meaning afternoon snack. My son came and asked me to go out and walk beside the beach. I said: son I’m busy, but he insisted. Mommy come on! I want to swim and I want to teach you how to swim too. I said: ok you win I will go with you! He jumped and say: Yes!!
We went together to the beach and walked along it, While we are walking my son asked me: Mommy why do you always go far away from us? I like you here to play with me. When you go I always hug your pillow and smell it, then I feel good because I feel like you’re by my side even though you are far away.
After my son said that, I looked at him and I hugged him very tightly and said to him: My son, you know the reason why I’m always abroad is because I want you to have a good future. I do this to earn good money and give you what you need and to provide for the needs of our family.
Even though he was only 9 years old he understood what I was trying to explain to him, and then he said to me: ok mom I know now, but I hope someday you will come back and be with me and play with me, please I promise to study hard and help you when I grow up.
I felt happiness mixed with sadness. I was happy because even though he was young he understood me, and I felt sad because I still had to leave again soon.
I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this, there are a lot of moms in the world who feel what I feel. And sad to say, after a long time of them working abroad some of the children become bad.
I always pray to God to protect my son and my family who takes care of my son and as a mom I never forget to call him, provide what he needs and take the best care I can of him by calling and telling him how much I miss him and how much I love him. Its very important to give your children proper attention even when we are busy and stressed from work. Good communication between parents and children is very important.

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